Thursday, July 22, 2021

 Strange things are afoot at the House of Jitters!  We have unearthed Audio Recordings of the Acri Creature Feature in its earliest days, 1971 and 1972, specifically, and we unearthed them from the back of my closet, to be even more specific.

Uploaded to for preservation of its early TV history, the audio (only) recordings are most likely the largest collections of its kind.  Young super fan Dave Epland taped the program on his tape player and saved them over the years.  A few fellow fans had them professionally transferred in the early 2000s. I've notated below the audio track listings as they appear on Click to hear the  Acri Creature Feature Audio Recordings on Archive!

Click above link to visit!  The following is the contents of the tracks at the link, including elusive titles and dates of the movies played on The Acri Creature Feature!

Acri Creature Feature Audio tracks and titles as uploaded to

Track #1The Inn on Dartmoor

Track #2August 1st, 1971Curse of the Undead (16’18” creeps Mike Baker and brother)

Track #3August 14th, 1971Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Naming of fiend “woof”man character, that was eventually named Beauregard.)

Track #4 ___? Missed intro; September 4th, 1971The Beast with 5 Fingers!

Track #5September 11th, 1971Dr. X; at 13’:55” = September 18th, 1971Dracula vs. Billy the Kid

Track #6September 25th, 1971Tarantula (Bertie appearance at 4:55, “Mr. A” “Acri coffee”)

Track #7, ___? My Son, the Vampire. 

At 17:35, November 27th, 1971Corridors of Blood (“Horror”) Thanksgiving show.

Track #8December 4th, 1971Hercules Against the Moon Men (By golly! “Beauregard and Vincent playing checkers…just lost.” 5’15’ “Presenting Vincent Hedges and his performing fleas!” 9’00” – “Beauregard is here!” and the Monster Club of Bettendorf, Iowa – Jim Martins, Curt Just, John Simko, Scott Szyczewski);

December 11th, 1971Revenge of the Creature (27’00” – creeps Les Littlefield, Dave Marty, Dave Bullock, Dave Ronk for their film w/ Vincent and Beauregard)

Track #9December 18th, 1971 – (movie? Revenge/Creature?) (“400 letters” 11’00” Beauregard, creep Kenny Williams

14’05” – January 1st, 1972Abbott & Costello Meet the Killer (24’44” – “You’re the fellow Link we’ve heard so much about!” – “Happy New Year, Bertie!”

Track #10January 8th, 1972The Leech Woman (10’10” – Bill Keebler?)

At 15’48” – January 15, 1972Fiend Without a Face (“What do you give the doctor who has everything?  A Nurse, who can caddy!”)

Track #11 – ___Fiend? – “Bertie, get well!” 3’00” – (Svengoolie clip) (creeps John Weiss, Brian Boderson)

January 27th, 1972 The Creature Walks Among Us;

at 23’08” – February 5th, 1972The Skull;

23’:35” – February 13th, 1972The Man They Couldn’t Hang

Track #12February 19th, 1972Colossus of New York; (creeps Tim Williamson and Jeremy Hurner?)

March 4th, 1972Behind the Mask (in Moline) and Creature of the Walking Dead (in Peoria, WEEK-TV) March 11th, 1972Monster on the Campus (in Moline) and The Crawling Hand (in Peoria)

Track #13March 18th, 1972Honeymoon of Horror (“radio DJ mention of Vincent Hedges; “Irish coffee here, I think it’s just about put me away.” St. Patricks’ Day/night show.

March 25th, 1972Slaughter of the Vampires (in Moline) and Killers from Space (in Peoria). (creep Abraham Hantz)

April 8th, 1972Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (in Moline) and Man Beast (in Peoria). (“next week Monolith Monsters.”)

Track #14 – April 15th, 1972 – The Monolith Monsters (Svengoolie scaremail from 04/14 at 2’30”) (creep was Marvin Wise).

April 22nd, 1972The Creature with the Atom Brain (28’40” good poem by creep Tim Potter.)

Track #15April 29th, 1972Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (in Moline) and Phantom from Space (in Peoria) (Peoria and Moline show together “one happy family;” 9’30” “Ghastly Gourmet” skit from “old Vincent and Emmit rerun” – as noted on tape by Dave Epland.

May 6th, 1972The Black Room (in Moline) and Robot Monster (in Peoria) (Epland comments, “old Vincent and Emmit rerun”)

May 13th, 19724-D Man (in Moline) and The Vampire Bat (in Peoria) (“Sunday is Mother’s Day”)

Track #16 – at 8’56” - May 20th, 1972Return of Dr. X (in Moline) and Untamed Women (in Peoria) (creep John Jester/Jesper made a diorama with Phantom, mummy, forgotten prisoner)

(Missing June 26th, but they played The Snow Creature and Cry of the Werewolf)

June 3rd, 1972The Electronic Monster (another host fills in for Chuck Acri, 25’00” Where’s Chuck Acri? Says Creature Feature summer vacation, next week no commercials, the Best of Creature Feature.

Track #17July 10th, 1972Cult of the Cobra (14’14” – w/ Froggy Gremlin twanger section) (creep was Dave Bell of Fairfield, Iowa).

May 1st, 1972The Mummy (visit by TKEs and Creature creators Don Raymond and Bill Flannery; drunk!)

Track #18 – (May 13th intro?)Son of Dracula (11’10” Froggy G.; 13’20” – June 12th, 1972 – (w/ Froggy, Don & Bill)

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